Endless Origami is a webcomic I started in 2010. I try to make one comic a day but I usually end up missing a day here and there. (college can be pretty hectic sometimes). It originally started as a blog, and that’s why you may notice “endlessorigami.blogspot.com” on some of the older comics. I make my comics using Flash CS3 and a Wacom Tablet. And if you enjoy Endless Origami you may wanna check out some other great comics like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Cyanide and Happiness, or Perry Bible Fellowship.

Licensing/Sharing: Endless Origami is licensed under a Creative Commons license, meaning you are free to share, save, or edit these comics any way you want so long as you are not selling them or using them commercially (if you’re not sure it’s probably fine). So by all means post these comics anywhere you want but please provide a link back to endlessorigami.com if possible. If you’re worried about the licensing you can always email me: commanderloochy@gmail.com